trip to cocoa plantation in vietnam

I recently went to visit a cacao -plantation un sud Vietnam, we first traveled to HCM ex Saigon to go further south to Mekong delta, in Ben Tre area. This plantation is organise as  a cooperative, the profit made from the cacao is use to finance a school for disabled  individual, some of them are blinds or deaf.

by using this chocolate we contribute to a better environment .


removing the impurities, selecting the bean manually is a long process.

imgp5776cacao bean are stored in bags before after been dry .imgp5771imgp5759 the cacao bean after fermentation, the drying  process is essential to a good conservation, if too much humidity left, the beans will get spoiled. imgp5766

during the fermentation process, the beans are covered with banana leave, this operation is important, it s where the cacao will develop it s aroma.



dark chocolate, a guilty pleasure, not

What do dark chocolate, broccoli and almonds have in common?
They are good for the heart, along with healthy essentials like soya bean and wholegrains.
While a balanced diet should also cover heart-healthy nutrients, there are some variations to watch for.
Natural sources of soya, such as tofu, tempeh and natto, are better than textured soya protein, said registered dietitian Ujjwala Baxi, founder of nutrition consultancy Poshan – Cure thru Diet.
Natto tends to be genetically modified and made from soya beans which have been stripped of healthy fats.
Soya beans, which are packed with polyunsaturated fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals, have been shown in studies to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as bad cholesterol. It also helps to lower blood pressure.
Meanwhile, wholegrains contain antioxidants, such as phytoestrogens, that protect one against coronary heart disease.
“Try to include soluble fibres like oatmeal, barley, beans and red rice as they help to lower LDL,” said Ms Ujjwala. “Pick rolled oats over quick oats, and coarser broken wheat over refined versions like couscous and semolina.”
And while nuts can help lower the risk of heart disease by 29 per cent, according to a study, be wary of salted nuts as they may raise blood pressure, she said.
The common refrain that vegetables are good for you also applies to the heart. And leafy greens rich in chlorophyll, like broccoli, spinach and kale, may be especially beneficial for those on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, she said.
This is because the medication can interfere with the production of a molecule called co-enzyme Q10, and chlorophyll can help to regenerate it. Co-enzyme Q10 is an important antioxidant that fights against heart disease, she said.
Chocolate, on the other hand, contains flavanols. Research has shown that flavanols may potentially benefit vascular health, such as by lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow to the brain and heart.
But dark chocolate trumps other varieties, such as milk and white chocolate, as it boasts a higher concentration of flavanols, as well as less sugar and fat.
This is because of its higher cocoa content. Dark chocolate contains 30 to 90 per cent cocoa, while white chocolate has only about 20 per cent.
For non-chocolate lovers, there is a wide variety of other options – cranberry, apple, onion, tea and red wine are also rich in flavanols.
Some foods to avoid are butter, sour cream and mayonnaise, which are high in saturated fat and can raise bad cholesterol levels.
“Chips and fries are among the worst foods, according to research,” said Ms Ujjwala. “They contain saturated fat, which causes your gut to expand and puts your heart in the danger zone.”
It is also wise to lower salt intake, which can elevate blood pressure.
One simple way is to use lemon juice instead of adding another dash of salt.
“Do not add salt to boiling water for pasta or vegetables while cooking. Instead, add it to the dish as its impact will be stronger.”

Poon Chian Hui

tips for ordering from an online cake service

4 Tips for Ordering From an Online Cake Service
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send a hamper full of love

hamper krugThere are lot of gift giving ideas around that can make a receiver smile and feel special. Sending a gift in a tried, tested, and traditionally accepted means like a box or hamper really sets a tone for the occasion.
Giving goodies in a hamper dates back when explorers are out there discovering new lands. The locals welcome them and give them food in a hamper. It is a sign of goodwill and good harvest given by the land. People back then believe if they take care and nourish their land, it will give them the fruits of their labor as a reward. And where they put that reward? It is definitely in a hamper.
Nowadays as part of gift giving tradition, people think of the most creative and imaginative ways to make a gift more exciting and appealing. Using a hamper to carry the contents of the whole gift brings back the old tradition of simpler times. Where people genuinely share what they have with each other as a sign of willing coexistence. Sending treats in a Hamper Singapore is still a traditional way of connecting with goodwill and prosperity. And practically, these hampers will still be useful after in every home.
What’s in the Hamper in Singapore? Feel Free to Choose your Package
Selecting what would a humble hamper should contain as gifts is really up to the giver. One can send chocolates, wine, ornaments, and even another basket of goodies inside. All that matters is the element of surprise it can give the receiver. It is like a treasure box full of affection and goodwill that would please everyone who opens it. It makes a person excited and intrigued in a very good way. It makes the contents inside will be very much rewarding to see.
Maintain Valuable Relations
Shopping for these kind of gifts whether online or in an actual store can be a chore. But if one should look at its effect to the recipients, it will be a good sign of having better future relations. It may be too cliched to state, but in every goodwill one sent, it sends more to people around and that keeps the wheel turning until it returns substantially. Sending a basket or hamper with an abundant content will not only give material things, It also sends a sign of full fondness and deep regard for that recipient. Thus maintaining valuable relations.

5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat Chocolate

5 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat Chocolate
Good news alert: Chocolate can enhance your health. The keyword here, though, is “can.” Depending on the exact chocolate you use (and of course how much of it you eat), you may or may not reap the fermented dessert’s wellness-boosting benefits.
”Look for at least 70 percent cocoa,” says Cordialis Msora-Kasago, RD, regional nutrition manager for Sodexo and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “The higher the percentage, the more nutritious the chocolate.”
”Also, check the label for other ingredients, like added sugar,” says Jeff Csatari, author of The 14-Day No Sugar Diet. Csatari elaborates that even if you get a bar that’s technically dark chocolate, it could still have a significant amount of sugar (and the calories that come with it). Since sugar displaces the health-promoting cacao solids, indulging in a sugar-sweetened treat will minimize many of the health benefits you’ve come to learn about dark chocolate.
However, if you do want a chocolate treat that’s a little more filling, you can always go with one paired with nuts, Msora-Kasago says. “Look for wholesome foods, like nuts, to enhance the efficacy of the chocolate,” she suggests.
As for those nutrients you get from higher percentage chocolate and the health advantages that accompany it, let’s take a look at chocolate’s health benefits (and pitfalls)—beyond its tasty flavor. Think of it as permission to give into a little chocolate craving every day.