best coffee award !

We are very thankful for this best coffee award presented to Laurent s café  by wine and dine recompense years of hard work, we all very  proud to receive this award.

the line bellow are extracted from wine and dine magazine.

The coffee scene in Singapore has come a long way from the smattering of cafes serving just a traditional cup of joy.
Increasingly well-travelled consumers are a lot more discerning about their coffee, and cafes have stepped right up to the challenge, offering specialty brews that are prepared with patience, dedication and a whole lot of craftsmanship. Some cafes even offer curated coffee flight experiences, where in-house baristas guide drinkers through tutored tastings, sharing details from harvesting and roasting processes to terroir and flavor profiles.
Thanks to these café owners and industry professionals, who are investing a lot of their time and resources into creating a higher quality experience at their coffee joints, we now have a vibrant and sophisticated café scene that we can all be proud of.
In this inaugural issue of SG Top Cafes featuring more than 100 cafes, we celebrate and thank these heroes for their hard work, commitment and, above all, their passion.
The sheer number of cafes made reviewing them a gargantuan task. Thankfully, we had a trusted board of panelists who scoured the island conducting incognito tastings.
We hope you’ll pick up a copy of the guide available at major bookstores now, and enjoy browsing through our list of the most noteworthy cafes in Singapore.
Before we go, here’s a shout-out to all the cafes who picked up one of our Special Awards (list below), and a big cheers to great coffee and even better conversations in the days and months to come!

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