why should you buy chocolate for st Valentin ?

picture 008Why do women love chocolate so much?
I know that most people, including men, love chocolate but why do women crave them so much?
Why do some women say chocolate is better than sex!!
The key to understanding this riddle is to know that men and women are so different when it comes to the operation of their minds and to the hormonal changes that happen to them.

chocolate box 36
Reasons why women love chocolate so much
Chocolate helps the body generate serotonin, which is the happiness hormone that regulates the mood, reduces mood swings and that even prevents depression!!
Chocolate also helps the body generate dopamine which is a hormone that helps people feel mentally alert. The lack of dopamine might cause lack of attention, lack of concentration and bad moods.
So the question is, if chocolate assists in making people feel better then why do only women love them so much?
The hormonal levels of women keep changing every now and then as a result of the menstrual cycle and this makes them more vulnerable to mood changes. Now the more the person’s mood changes the more he becomes in need for anything to regulate his mood and this is where chocolate comes into play.
Women love chocolate so much because it helps them regulate their mood as a result of the hormonal changes they experience.
Do Women love chocolate more than men?
While that’s a bit of an exaggeration some researchers claim that chocolate helps the body generate phenylethylamine which is the chemical the body releases when you are in love!!

picture 018
Moreover it was found that Chocolate affects the brain of women in a different way. The brain of some men and women were scanned using MRI and it was found that chocolate affected the activity of the amygdala more in the brain of women. The Amygdala is a part of the brain that can affect emotions and sexual desire.
So the conclusion is that women love chocolate so much because it can help them stabilize their body hormones.

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